Welcome to Hope Central

About Hope Central Meetings

Hope Central is an Alcoholics Anonymous group in Dallas, Texas committed to offering meetings via Zoom.

When COVID-19 started in 2020, we found ourselves needing the ability to participate in our recovery and attend meetings safely. We saw that potential to harm not only ourselves, but also, our loved ones. We wanted to be flexible enough that everyone could attend meetings in as safe a manner as possible. We started out as Zoom only meetings.

Zoom Meetings are at the very core of this group - they will NOT be going away, even as COVID-19 related restrictions have relaxed. We have many members from across the US and we have all benefitted greatly from their participation.

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What do you need for Zoom?

You can join a Zoom meeting with as little as a flip phone!! (And YES, they do still make those!!)

Most of us use either a smartphone (iPhone, Android) or a computer to attend meetings. Either of these options allows us to have video so that we can actually see each other.

Some Recommendations

After several months, we have a few recommendations to make the meetings flow smoothly and be enjoyable to everyone:

  1. Stay muted unless you are speaking. Other attendees CAN hear all the noises around you, which makes it hard focus on the person currently sharing.

  2. Use a headset or earbuds if you are physically with others on the same call. Using the speakerphone function will cause "echos" and/or "feedback" when others around you are sharing and can be quite disruptive during meetings.